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Mobile Office

Prefabricated mobile office which electric system, plug, electricity, fan and air-conditioner. Toilet dividing into clean water and waste water. Interior partition is entirely prefabricated. Office wquipment, computer and furniture as table, bed, kitchen equipment could be decorated as much as requirement for most utility.

- 2 sizes of mobile office (Click to see the interior structure )
1.  Width 3.0 m.      Length 6 m.      Height 2.5 m.  
2 .  Width 3.0 m.      Length 12.2 m.      Height 2.5 m. 
- Structure
Consist of prefabricated iron and standardize protection from rust. Moreover, mobility is easy.
- Wall

Wall is made of 1.5  inches of undulation plate thickness which Polystyrene is in the middle. Moreover, the mentioned material is a nonconductor.

- Roof

Roof structure is made from hot ironing and zinc. Outside of the roof is made from  0.44 mm. Aluzine thickness.

- Ceiling

Ceiling is made from flat plate.

- Floor

Floor consist of 12 mm. Viva board thickness and rubber tile

- Door

Door is prefabricated press plate. The door frame is 0.80x2.00m.with doorknob key.

- Window
The two windows are iron with 0.70x0.90 iron door frames. 
- Electrical equipment single phase

30 A Load sensor
1x36 W  fluorescent bulb
10A of National plug
2000 BTU of Air-conditioner
8 inches of ventilator
15 A of switch
30 A of breaker

- 2 choices

1. No interior toilet with many facility as 2000 BTU air-conditioner, a door, 2 pushed windows, the two of  36 Watt, plug, electric switch, a set of 8 inches ventilator
2. Interior toilet with many facility as 1.20x1.20 m of toilet with Coral sanitary products, 2000 BTU air-conditioner, a door, 2 pushed windows and 2 set of fan
(Click to see the Mobile office)

Professionally sell & buy Prefabricated Office

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